Blogging for Business

Tell your story, or someone else will.

Discover why blogging is one of the most effective content formats on the planet,

And how a business blog can beautifully build your expertise, credibility, trust and traffic.


This powerful lab teaches how to utilize your blog to create meaningful social content and fantastic organic SEO, and why it's the most effective way to scale and sell in your sleep.

Course Outline


  • Why blogging is one of the most powerful content formats on the planet
  • How a business blog can brilliantly build expertise, credibility, trust and traffic
  • How to utilize your blog to create meaningful social content and fantastic organic SEO – for free
  • Why a blog is the most effective way to scale and sell in your sleep

  • Who is your target audience? Who are they really? Identifying surface level needs vs. deeper desires, and what your people are hoping to find in you
  • Determining your ideal blog post frequency and commitment
  • Defining your 12-month blogging goals and performance metrics Identifying your notable dates, milestones and sales and marketing themes for the year ahead
  • Mapping your company’s must-know key messages

  • Establishing your blog’s integral Content Pillars
  • Adding interest, variety and readability with the use of Content Categories
  • Brainstorming 52 can’t-miss blog topics to take you through the year
  • Combining your pillars, categories, key messages, topics and titles into your blog post bank

  • The role of ‘keystone content’ in your content marketing mix, with your blog at the top
  • Establishing your go-to weekly and monthly process for making it happen
  • The formula for tight and bright, concise and compelling blog content: mind-mapping your posts in advance
  • Creating your content calendar, task checklists and success plan

  • Dedicated blogging software vs. built-in website feature: a look at the world’s most popular blog-hosting platforms
  • Optimizing your posts for search and social sharing: plugins vs. customizable settings
  • Planning tools 101: from strategizing and drafting to publishing and promoting
  • Measuring your blog’s performance with meaningful metrics
  • Roadmapping a successful year ahead, with stellar results to show for your efforts

A Snapshot

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Bonus Material


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A highly actionable series of questions, prompts, planning tools and content starters to support you in the immediate implementation of your learns, and the utmost success going forward.

Kelly Doody, Social School Founder

"There has never been a better time - or tools - to utilize a blog to share your uniquely compelling insights and ideas, and build trust, authority and traffic in return."

"Get ready to discover all the ways in which rich, long-form content can help you seamlessly and effectively bring your brand to life online, while simultaneously developing a host of corresponding headlines, captions and soundbites for your social feeds and supporting content channels."

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