Instagram for Business

Endless features and opportunities to connect with your prospects, and convert them into buyers.


Feel like you're the only person not capitalizing on the ever-evolving opportunity that is Instagram?

With more than 1 billion monthly active users and counting, it's one of the most effective business-building tactics of our time, and exactly where you need to be.

Discover the top brands, content and trends taking the platform by storm, and shift your ho-hum Instagram skills into scroll-stopping status.

What’s the story, and how are you telling it? No matter what you sell and who you serve, there is not a brand or business today that can’t benefit from the ever-growing and increasingly exciting platform that is Facebook-owned Instagram.

From polished Posts and unfiltered Stories to live broadcasts and video content streamed through your company's custom Reels and IGTV channels, Instagram is packed with features and provides a no-brainer place to build your community of fans, followers, subscribers and customers.

Prepare to learn the ins and outs of today's IG landscape, which features matter to your particular audience, and how to create content that converts strangers to followers and prospects to buyers – with ease, efficiency and enjoyment.

This timely lab paves the way to set the product aside and put your people first. Whether you’re a service-based business with a 'lack of interesting content' or a consumer brand flogging air conditioners, we’ll pull your best stories to the surface and bring your authenticity, trust and traffic to life. Get ready – your Insta game will never be the same.

Course Outline


Where do the greatest Instagram opportunities for today's businesses lie, and where is the platform headed in the months ahead?


Identifying the platform’s most renowned features new and old, and how to leverage them in your business no matter your industry, realm or size.


A look at which Instagram content themes are here to stay, how leading brands and businesses are leaning into them to grow their revenue and reach, and easy ways to work tomorrow's top Instagram trends into your own marketing mix.


Learn how to optimize your Instagram efforts for the highest return, top tips and templates for planning and consistency, and the formula for content that magnetizes and converts.

A Snapshot

of the unparalleled learning material, case studies and feature demos found inside Instagram for Business.

Four guided videos, over 100 learning slides, dozens of action items, and lifetime access to the course and all updates.


Bonus Material


Yours to download from within your course dashboard:

A highly actionable series of questions, prompts, planning tools and content starters to support you in the immediate implementation of your learns, and the utmost success going forward.


Jaimie Love, Lead Instructor

From killer content to art direction, social strategy and creative community engagement, Jaimie loves nothing more than sharing her knowledge and passion for communications with others.

Expert faculty member in the Social Media Marketing Department, Jaimie brings more than 12 years of marketing experience along with endless entrepreneurial insights to students and clients alike, equipping them with the social skills they need to succeed.


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