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It's time to discover the game-changing principals of advertising on social – reaching the right people with the right content – and watch them convert like crazy.


Identify the best 'pay to play' practices to implement across your organization’s social accounts, plus, how to build the right target audiences, optimize your boosted posts, budget accordingly, and win in a paid content world.

Course Outline


Understand the pay to play social media landscape, the unparalleled upside compared to traditional advertising, and how paid content plays an integral role in reaching your target audience, breaking through the algorithms, and growing your overall reach and return.


Meet the backbone of your world-class Facebook and Instagram strategy – your Business Suite account. In this guided step by step tour, learn how to properly set up and manage your pages, people, ad accounts, pixel, inbox, posts and paid content, and where to build your tailored and targeted audiences and ad campaigns.


Learn the workings of Audience Manager and Ads Manager inside of Business Suite, before strategizing and building the nine key audiences you need prior spending a dime on boosted content. Discover our proven method for crafting journey-based audiences according to buyer stage, and where they fit into the overall ad campaign structure.


Discover today's golden rules and proven practices for promoting your content on Facebook and Instagram, including where and when to pre-boost your scheduled posts and incorporate 'audience cycling,' as well as case studies, success stories, and a demo of the short vs. long way to boost.


A look at sponsored content on LinkedIn, ad campaigns on Pinterest and paid opportunities on Twitter, the tools, tactics and dashboards that run each, and when it makes sense to invest in paid content on secondary platforms. Plus, how and where to see the ad campaigns your competitors are running, who they're targeting and what content they're promoting.


In the spirit of strategic testing, platform comparison and smart paid content spending, we take you through a 24-hour boosted post showdown between Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, where reach, impressions and meaningful actions are measured, and a winner is crowned.


Identifying the key facets of high-performing paid content, from copy and calls to action to targeting and ad type. As well, as series of tips, prompts and planning tools to help you plan your monthly promoted post frequency, budget, targets and goals, and see major return on ad spend success!

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of the unparalleled learning material, case studies and backend demos found inside Paid Social.

Nine videos, more than 150 learning slides, dozens of action items and guided tours, plus lifetime access to the course and all updates.


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A highly actionable series of questions, prompts, audience building exercises and paid content planning tools to support you in the immediate implementation of your learning, and utmost success going forward.


Guided videos that take you deep into the backside of Facebook Business Suite and Content Studio, plus promoted posts, Ads Manager and more.

Kelly Doody, Social School Founder

"While many businesses have worked tirelessly to bring their front-end content game to an impressive new place featuring beautiful imagery, powerful copywriting and well-crafted calls to action, they are still sadly underestimating how little their content is actually getting seen in the news feed and acted on by their intended audience."

"This disheartening reality a result of immense competition among business accounts, aggressive algorithm filtering, and an increasingly expensive pay-to-play environment.

However, with the right set of audiences created in advance, and a commitment to boosting each and every post – often with just a single click, even the most modest budget can go extremely far.

Join us for an integral lesson on reach, return, and the revenue-generating paid content strategies you've been waiting for."

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