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Get ready to dive into the best in class software, tools and apps to help you strategize, schedule and leverage your most high-converting content, and optimize your overall digital marketing strategy.


Meet the missing magic in your martech, end the trial and error, and immediately up your game with a stellar go-forward plan.

We're thrilled to bring you our top tools of the modern marketing trade – each of them tried and tested, vetted and verified by our dream team of digital junkies.
This lab walks you through our curated collection of proven software to help you succeed, from one-off's and all-in-ones, to holy grails, hallelujahs, and here we go's.

Course Outline


Understand the SaaS landscape, how it has evolved, and where the marketing side of software comes into play. Determine your business goals, customer expectations and operational needs, and work backwards to identify your ideal technology 'stack.' Familiarize yourself with the categories that make up an epic landscape of marketing software, tools, apps and solutions.


Strategizing the pieces of your tech stack that serve your prospects and customers alongside your organizational solutions. Identifying the stages of your customer journey, and the physical and digital touch points along the way, as well as the technology needs at each step. Mapping your internal tech requirements from a project management and operational standpoint, so that the right tools can fill the gaps and optimize your team communication, collaboration and productivity.


A roundup and review of the tried and true tools that promise to save you time, money, and sanity. A snapshot of how they work together for marketing technology magic, and a look at the costs you can expect to budget for when determining your ideal software stack.


Roadmapping your technology solutions and implementation strategy in a way that addresses the needs and expectations of your customers and prospects, and centres around your processes, people, resources. A sampling of some mini-stacks, and how the right tools can work together to accomplish your goals.

A Snapshot

of the unparalleled learning material, case studies and feature demos found inside Tools and Tech.

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A highly actionable series of questions, prompts and tool tips to support you in the immediate implementation of your learns, and the utmost success going forward.

Kelly Doody, Social School Founder

"We are living in a time of endless technology and automation solutions for our marketing programs – and business operations as a whole.

Join me as we explore the various categories of marketing software, and the tools our teams, customers and budgets are seeking.

It's time to end the trial and error, discover your ideal marketing technology mix, and put these game-changing programs to work for you and your business in all the right ways."

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