Video Storytelling

Show it, don't say it. And better yet, make it move.


Get ready to conceive and create compelling video content that not only engages your audience, but converts them into paying customers too.

Because if content is king, video content reigns supreme, led by those that grab your attention, elicit emotion, and leave you hanging on through the final frame.

Prepare to leverage the power of motion, animation and movement to humanize your brand, showcase your expertise, and show the world what you do best.

This highly engaging hands-on lab will take you deep into the world of digital storytelling, uncovering the critical components that make a video sing.

Learn the difference between a story and a narrative, why one shouldn’t exist without the other, and how to nail your paid and organic videos short and long.

You'll gain an understanding of what engages your audience in the right way at the right time, and what elements make the best animated brand content go far.

Leave with the essential skills, insights and confidence you need to produce high quality, engaging videos for your digital-first audience, all from your mobile device.

Course Outline


Learn how to best use video in your content marketing strategy, and why you have far more footage at your fingertips than you might think.


Exploring the makings of top-shelf video storytelling, and why, when it comes to compelling and high converting video-content, strategy and variation are the key to success.


Apps, hacks and editing tools meet function and formatting. Learn the various video types to incorporate in your marketing strategy and social platforms, and our tried and true ways to shoot, edit and publish with a tiny budget in no time at all.


Round out your skills with a solid plan for publishing your scroll-stopping video content, and roadmap a path for promoting it to your ideal audience across key places and platforms.

A Snapshot

of the unparalleled learning material, case studies and feature demos found inside Video Storytelling.

Four guided videos, over 100 learning slides, dozens of action items, and lifetime access to the course and all updates.


Bonus Material


Yours to download from within your course dashboard:

A highly actionable series of questions, prompts, planning tools and content starters to support you in the immediate implementation of your learns, and the utmost success going forward.


Jaimie Love, Lead Instructor

From killer content to art direction, social strategy and creative community engagement, Jaimie loves nothing more than sharing her knowledge and passion for communications with others.

Expert faculty member in the Social Media Marketing Department, Jaimie brings more than 12 years of marketing experience along with endless entrepreneurial insights to students and clients alike, equipping them with the social skills they need to succeed.


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