Winning Websites

Before we build, hire or hack, we must learn, map and strategize.

Mobile friendliness, load speed, dwell time, user experience, user interface – just a taste of today’s website jargon.

Prepare to identify what’s worth focusing on, where your opportunities lie, and how the modern user expects to find, browse and interact with your site.


Make no mistake – your website is the most important marketing asset you own.

Quite simply, it's the place you're aiming to drive your social followers, email subscribers, ad traffic and more so they can take the kind of meaningful action you need them to, be it a sale, opt-in, appointment booked or otherwise.

Sadly, an overwhelming number of businesses miss these meaningful conversions because their website fails to do the job. Whether it's confusing, slow-loading, mobile unfriendly or just plain dated, it's a tragic break in the successful customer journey you've worked so hard to craft.

Worse, countless companies are so heavily invested in their current website – both mentally and financially – that they can't fathom switching. Or, they've been told it'll cost several more five figure leaps, and countless more meetings, contractors and decisions in order to do so.

As modern businesses, we are all capable of reaching people anywhere, anytime, in a way that allows them to experience our value, knowledge and expertise at scale, and allows us to sell in our sleep. Join us as we discuss the key facets of building a successful online presence on today's most proven platforms, in the most seamless way possible.

Course Outline


A detailed examination of your unique value proposition to customers and prospects alike. What do you do and why should they care? Noting the rise of connection over 'feed aesthetic' on social media, and a website experience that speaks the language of your visitor, not yours. Finally, a look at the two main goals every page on your site must achieve.


Identifying the benefits of ecommerce, the 4 main models, the unique opportunities within each, and where your business can leverage the landscape of online sales. As well, case studies of some of the top online retail experiences and 'pivot stars' of our time.


From Squarespace and Wix to Kajabi and Shopify, today's leading DIY content management system platforms have never looked or performed better for businesses of all shapes and sizes, while the customization, automation, and expansion possibilities are endless.


A detailed look at the user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) aspects of your high performing and highly effective modern website. Layering in the considerations and expectations of your hard-earned traffic, and how to guide them toward the actions you need them to take on your site, and what a seamless journey from point A to point B looks like.


Identifying the right kind of imagery, copy and video for your beautiful modern website, and the long-form content inclusions that are necessary for SEO. And before you go gathering thousands of words, photos and graphics, we'll reverse engineer your needs to ensure a tight and bright site that shines.


Optimizing your site for search engine indexing, while ensuring it remains built for a human, not a spider. Learn about integral ranking factors like site speed, mobile-friendly scoring, dwell time, Google Search Console, and more.


Exploring the countless apps and tools we can implement into our site to capture leads, support our customers, and convert more sales, in a way that excites, not annoys. We'll look at landing pages, list building, chatbots, live help and more, and end with some case studies of our favourite Squarespace, Shopify and Kajabi sites of the moment.

A Snapshot

of the unparalleled learning material, case studies and activation activities found inside Winning Websites.

Seven guided videos, more than 140 learning slides, dozens of action items, and lifetime access to the course and all updates.


Bonus Material


Yours to download from within your course dashboard:

A highly actionable series of questions, prompts and planning tools to support you in the immediate implementation of your learns, and the utmost success going forward.

Kelly Doody, Social School Founder

"It's never been easier, or more powerful, to strategize, create and manage your own high-converting website. One you hold the keys to and can iterate, optimize and expand any way you like."

"Thanks to the drag and drop website builders and countless integrations, form meets function in the most seamless way.

Join me as we explore the endless opportunities that a highly strategic modern website can bring, from ecommerce and conversions, to lead capture, customer support, membership engagement and more.

There's no magic science or highly technical skill required here – just a commitment to a tight and bright site that compells your visitors to take action, and continue coming back for more.

See you on the inside, and prepare to take your website to a massively successful new level."

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